Work with us


Please get in touch if you’d like to organise field work, use our lab facilities, collaborate, or visit us at UCT.

UCT has world class isotope analysis facilities, including clean labs and two MC-ICP-MS, capable of analysing 87/86Sr, εNd and 𝛿11B. Stable isotopes mass specs include 𝛿13C, 𝛿18O, ∆17O, 𝛿14N and 𝛿2H, with 𝛿34S in development. There is quadropole ICP-MS capable of laser ablation or solution analysis. We also have a micro-probe, XRF and XRD. The ALE lab has a dedicated space for mineral synthesis, experimental geochemistry and trace element prep work.

Collaborative rates are competetive.


Any funded opportunities for students or postdocs will be advertised here as they become available.

Visiting Cape Town

Cape Town is a wonderful place to visit or live. The University is nestled against Table Mountain, and there are nearby beaches on the Atlantic and Indian oceans. Urban wildlife includes penguins and whales.

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