University of Cape Town


1st year (GEOL 1006):

Mapping and Structures, Sedimentology, Economic Geology.

2nd year (GEOL1008F):

Introduction to geology for engineers

3rd year (GEOL 3001):
Stratigraphy and the South African Geological Record

4th year (GEOL 4000W):
Marine Geochemistry.

Field courses:
West coast of SA (1st year).

University of Oxford

College tutor, St Edmund Hall

1st year:
Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, Early Evolution

2nd year:
Carbon cycle, Geochemical proxies, Diagenesis, Sedimentology

3rd year:

Field work:
Dorset coast (2nd year) and Oxfordshire (1st year)

University College London

Student demonstrator

1st year: Surface processes.

Field work:
Pyrenees (2nd year) and Dorset coast (1st year)

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